How do I dye my hair like a lavender color?

i want to dye part of my hair lavender but have no expiernce what items to buy?
which ones work better?
i have dark brown/ black hair.
any advice for after treatment


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  • You bleach it first! Some hair dyes come with bleach or developer. It won't show as much since your hair color is dark. Then you color the hair, which will probably last like 10 minutes for it to show nicely. Lastly, wash and CONDITION cause your hair will be very dry after. Do a deep conditioning for about an hour.

  • I am by NO means a professional at this, so I would google this and research before doing anything, but if you have really dark hair I have often heard people say dying your hair a light colour may require bleaching it blonde/white beforehand so the lavender will actually be more visible when you dye it that later :)
    Just make sure to do your research and it should go fine :)


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