Having trouble finding the right hair colors for my skin tone, natural hair color and eyes. HELP!!?

I am Asian and I have tan skin, black hair and dark brown eyes. I want to get highlights but I dont know which color will suit me. I was thinking of auburn, burgundy or mahogany... what do you guys think?


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  • Dark dark red. Or purple. I like the black Asian hair though without anything. But you'll probably look sick anyways, or get it all pink and get the anime look.

    • I dont really like anime looks...
      I've had dark red before.
      I was thinking of purple but my black hair is super dark so I was going for mpre of a lighter version bit I dont want it to look weird...

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  • The colors you listed would suit you.
    A honey brown color will also look great on your tan skin tone.


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  • Burgundy and mahogany are very cool id suggest either auburn or caramel highlights. I got both a few years ago and loved them.


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