I can't grow moustache in the middle?


What do you think about it? Is there anyway to grow it?


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  • How old are you?
    There isn't really anything you can doable it come in better apart from buying a time machine and fast forwarding a few years.

    • Do to make it come in better*

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    • Thanks for MH :)

    • No worries :)

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  • Well it could be that you just don't genetically grow hair in the middle like me, but hard to say since you don't seem to have "full" facial hair yet.

  • Yes. Diets that include coffee, cigarettes, alcohol, sugar or any such thing will impede on your body's function, cell structure, and also the absorption of protein. Hairs are made of protein and are promoted with testosterone. Coffee uses testosterone to produce cortisol when your body runs out of it.

    If you exercise 1 hour a day, your body's going to be swimming in testosterone, so your hair growth will increase. You need to sleep on time each day consistently.

    If your hair still doesn't grow at the spot, within 6 weeks your other hair will cover it and add a distinct look to your appearance, which will make quite a sight.

    • Well, I did not know all of that :)

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    • I heard that not all men will develop it.

    • What you hear and what is true are two different things. If your beard hasn't grown yet, even if it has in the past, the statement cannot be true of you unless you die. Why? Because as long as you're living, there's always the unknown future and in that future, you don't know what will happen. It's only by virtue of patience will something happen of your facial hair.

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