Silver jewellery is best option to invest money in Market?

as I Stated in My question I am willing to Invest money in market as per my knowledge if I go to gold it will not in my budget and price of gold is depend on international market which usually fluctuate might I can come in loss if down to much with this perception I think Silver will be best option to invest am I Right to Proceed this


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  • No financial advisor here either, but i am an investor.

    First, clarify for yourself your overall goals for investing in anything in the first place. Unless you can closely monitor a particular asset on a day by day basis and time the purchase or sale of same, you're not going to get much in the way of results by 'targeting' the markets.
    Investments are best made in stable assets which have a long term average growth. Overall the general stock market has appreciated about 8% per year for pretty much the past eighty years or so, maybe even longer.
    Point is, take whatever cash you have above what you need, stick it somewhere you've researched a bit, and forget it's there. Especially don't monitor CNN and other market tickers. That will only cause you shitcramps.
    That being said, gold versus silver is actually risk versus reward. You say you don't have the bucks for gold, fine. But what happens is that while silver seems to increase steadily, gold goes through large but intermittent leaps in value, sometimes with years between each one. So no recommendation here, just asses what you have and place it where you CAN afford, which in your case seems to be silver.


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  • Do not look for financial information on this website. To think that you'll make money investing money in silver is a stretch after you consider brokerage fees, taxes and inflation. You're looking for a 3% increase annually to break even on your investment and that's not considering brokerage or taxes. Then again, I am no financial advisor.

  • I would invest in silver and gold coins.

    But know one thing, you won't win money with gold, gold is preserving the value over long time periods 30 years or more, it is a way to save your money, not to increase it.

    SIlver is the same, except it is used in many industries. For example for deos. And it is a used up resource over time. One day it will be worth much more than gold. But right now it is cheaper than gold, but also much harder to transport.


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