What is the difference between pretty and beautiful?

The other day I went to my friends place. She is trying to set me up with her guy friend. Later in the night, my friend pulled me to the side and said that she thought that he like me. I said, "yeah, right! How would you know?" She said because look at this text. It said "she is pretty:)" Is that good, because I don't know. Is being called beautiful better?


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  • I feel that pretty is purely physical while "beautiful" can also embody a person's non-physical attributes. A person might not have to be blatantly attractive but they can become beautiful in someone's eyes as time goes on.

    On the other hand, in terms of solely physical attractiveness, pretty is more a "cute" attractive while beautiful is a more "classic" attractive. But one should also take into consideration the way a girl does her make up and styles her clothes. A naturally "pretty" attractive girl can make herself "beautiful" attractive with different make up and clothes, and vice versa. I don't know if this makes any sense, but ultimately, he found you very attractive, so it's a good thing!

    • So how do you dress to make yourself look "beautiful"?

    • Something understated but classy and stylish at the same time. Audrey Hepburn comes to mind.

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  • Pretty is a starting level compliment for someone who is being liked by more aspects than just beautiful

    Beautiful is professional compliment that somebody wants to say for making a relationship or impression.It can be fake.

    But 'pretty' can't be fake


    • Interesting!

    • Thanks for your answer. I guess I never have ever met the guy before so he doesn't really know anything about me. I have never been called pretty before. I just don't know whether it is the truth or not. He never said I was pretty to my face, especially since he doesn't know me that well.

    • Thnx for reply!

      A pretty question might have got a pretty answer.

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  • for some reason, I think the word beautiful describes someone who is the most prettiest. and that pretty just means she looks good. but I think beautiful as a compliment is a better compliment

    • I agree but disagree at the same time. If you know someone and their personality is good and they are pretty they are considered beautiful. But if they are just pretty (exterior) and they don't have a good personality, or they don't know the person enough they call them pretty not beautiful.

  • i agree with mamujaan...pretty somehow means more...

    like when someone tells me 'omg ur so pretty!' or 'ur very pretty' I feel like it means that its real..and the truth

    when someone says hey beautiful...or hey gorgeous...its just being over-said/overused nowadays and doesn't mean much anymore

    • Hey thanks, I never thought of it that way :) I think of 'pretty' in a whole new light. lol.