Guys, how do you feel about acne?

Is it a huge turn off on girls or does it not make a difference? Me, I don't mind it on guys, doesn't bother me. Clear skin probably looks better, but it doesn't make a difference in liking them or not. So how do guys feel about acne on girls?
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  • It wouldn't really bother me. I suppose if it were so bad it was to the point of obscuring her entire face I might reconsider, but a great personality and a pretty smile go a long way.


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  • Some acne is totally fine. It's expected and no big deal if it's little. But if you really have a problem and don't do anything about it, that can drive guys away.

  • i can accept alittle it can't be helped but if its all over your face in big patches it can be alittle unattractive

  • A little wouldn't matter


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