Do guys have more respect for girls with modest clothing?

I've always been taught to be modest, and have high standards for myself. To encourage modesty, parents and other adults have told me that guys have more respect for women who are modest than for women who wear immodest clothing. I would like to hear a guys opinion on the matter.


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  • Very much so, keep up your integrity as that is the type of guy you want to attract as well.

    I use this quite often but Dave Chapelle said it best when he said "You may not be a whore, but you are wearing her uniform."

    If guys aren't paying attention to you like they are the slutty camel toe revealing girls, then those are the guys you don't want anyways.

    How you present yourself is also how you are selling yourself.

    Sure I may go after a bimbo looking girl but never with the intent of anything past sex. Does that sound like a guy you want after you?

    Elegant and sexy is a deadly combination.


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  • You've been told the truth... You can dress very classy and still be sexy as hell. It is all in the attitude that you project and besides, boys like to unwrap their presents. If you know what the present is before you even unwrap it then it just isn't as much fun.

  • I agree with ionlife

    What a girl wears greatly effects how a guy will react - if your immodest, guess what, a lot of guys will treat you like a "good-time girl" - if that's what you want, more power to ya

    However, you can totally be noticed and not show off your "goods" - its kinda funny, but i'm such a face guy that I used to "forget" to look at a girls bod

    I suggest covering what you got, but never hiding your silhouette or shape - I know I now tend to avoid girls that look like their hiding behind a curtain.

  • I know I do. It shows that a woman commands respect and seen as an individual, not just a as sexual object. Plus, it's all about the mystery and people always want what they can't see.


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