Is my tumblr theme boring? Does it suit my overall blog theme? Is it unique?

I recently started using tumblr and I love it but I'm not going to spend money on themes, I feel like my theme is boring so It'd be nice to see if its okay or even get some advice on how to make it better
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Another question, does the theme make it hard to look at older posts or anything? please and thankyou
I changed my theme thanks to a link someone here gave me and I like it for the time being, thanks :)


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  • It's pretty simple and plain, I wouldn't call it unique but it's not exactly boring either.

    • so does that mean I should change it or is it okay?

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    • Thanks you I'll check out some other themes and see what I can come up with

    • No problem. I'm personally a fan of tumblr themes with a non-scrolling side bar, so that while you scroll through the posts on the blog, links and navigation and other stuff will always stay put on the side and are easy to access.

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  • your plain white theme is as exciting as a plain piece of white paper.


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