Why does she do this? I never get Facebook picture likes?

Only one girl I know is nice to me, her name is Alessandra, she's by far the most beautiful girl I've ever seen, and whenever she posts a picture she gets tons of likes. I asked her what she thinks of me and she said I'm cute. She's super popular and I only have like 5 real friends, I have 585 Facebook friends, she has 30 less but she get way more likes. Some mean girls keep calling me ugly. Does the fact thar I don't get Facebook likes mean I'm ugly? Why is Alessandra the only girl who is nice to me? Does she like me? Please help


Most Helpful Girl

  • Guys just don't get likes, it has nothing to so with looks when it comes to men's Facebook photo likes. She's probably just a really nice person along with being attraction which is why she gets so many likes. I have no idea whether or not she likes you more than a friend.


Most Helpful Guy

  • Girls will always get more likes on Facebook when posting a picture up. No, it doesn't mean that you're ugly it simply means that you're a guy. Who knows if she likes you, simply being nice to someone doesn't necessarily mean that they "like" you.


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  • How many likes are you talking about for her and for you? Girls do generally get more likes though


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