Do you think people dress well for their body shape?

I think people fall into one of two categories. Those who dress well and accentuate their body shape and those that try too hard, resulting in a very odd look.

I see a lot of girls on the larger side wearing leggings as trousers with short tops. Totally unsuitable for their body shape. Whereas other women with the same shape wear lovely dresses that fit their body shape.

I also see a lot of skinny girls wearing shorts that are too short, which they think they can wear because they are slim but end up looking trashy

what shape are you and what do you wear?


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  • I completely agree.

    I'm not overweight by any means, but am not my very skinny self like I used to be. I have some love handles that I want to do away with. That said, I'm very careful about what I wear. I don't wear body-fitting clothing like I used to when I was really thin because I just can't pull it off.

    I also think it's trashy for any girl, regardless of size, to wear leggings as pants but that's just me lol

    • I have a slim waist but big booty lol I tend to wear skirts and dresses or skinny trousers with a floaty top that covers my bum

      I'm no longer slim like I used to be either

    • Same! I've been sticking to flowy tops to cover up my hips.

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