About the personality develepoment?

What kind of dressing style would girls like to get relationship as a friend


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What Girls Said 1

  • I know most of my friends and I like the current style a lot of guys have going on, the bro tanks, snapback, vans, elite socks, and those khaki shorts guys always wear (I don't know if they're khaki but I don't know what kind of shorts they are). Also V-necks are great, and flannel shirts are really hot too. If you can pull of a snapback PLEASE wear one, if you can pull it off it's really nice. Really guys can wear mostly whatever they want, most of it's the same, you guys can get away with shorts and t shirts easily. As for style, Look at stores like pacsun and zumiez that's pretty good style. A quick google image search for "tumblr boys" pretty much all of them are attractive and have good style.


What Guys Said 1

  • I noticed I'd dress like shit day in day out and I found that it doesn't make a difference if you can do the real talking. If you act like a boss, then the clothing just follows as boss as you talk.


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