Girls and Especially Guys, Which Dress Looks The Best?

I know they all suck but i had no time to find better ones for this bloody wedding... lol which one would you pick? Please comment why.

#1 knee length-open back-black formal dress.
front :
back :

#2 black- long, full length evening dress

#3 pinky powder color-full length evening dress

Sorry for the bad photos ^^
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Most Helpful Guy

  • Normally based on the color I would say the pink one for a wedding but I don't like the style for it. I would go with the first dress since it is a little more sheer and the detailing is nice. Try and match your shoes to the detailing, I can't tell if it's gold or silver from the picture. Try and have fun with it (:

    • It's gold :) im gonna go with that one most likely, and try to match the shoes haha, thanks!

Most Helpful Girl

  • 1st one, it's the most sophisticated and the others look kinda tacky to me imho. But it's the dress you're going to be stuck wearing, go for whatever makes you feel confident.

    • thanks! you're right, im probably gonna go with the first one.

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What Guys Said 5

  • To be honest I think #1 looks the best, but I don't
    think it's good for a wedding (perhaps it is, but I'm stupid :3)

    I think #1 is better for a wedding, due to the brighter colours ^~^

    • #3 one? I see well i can wear the first one for other occasions as well. Thanks for your opinion! :)

    • Oh, ah that typo.

      Meant to say #3 for the wedding yea, sorry about that :3

    • Its fine i get you :)

  • Number 1. The classic "little black dress" for dates and funerals.
    Number 3 for a wedding.

  • The first one, but most importantly is what looks best on the person.

    • i also like the first one the best. it's tight and i have an hour glass figure so it'd look good ^^

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    • Don't forget slightly peaking your eyes over a magazine. And there's nothing suspicious about that

    • LMAO yeah i'll keep that in mind!

  • #3 for wedding, since it's joyful and formal. The second is formal as well, but looks so "basic" and boring.
    The #1 is awesome for going out & dinners etc.

  • anything but black that color makes it like your going to a wake not a wedding


What Girls Said 3

  • 1 is a dress to wear to all occasions. Can't go wrong with black
    2 really doesn't look nice in my honest opinion
    3 lovely colour for a wedding

  • Id go with the pink one, since black is kinda depressing in my opinon, especially for a wedding ^^

    • thanks! well im kinda depressed i absolutely hate weddings lol

  • The first one is really pretty.


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