What can a bland 30 year old do to liven up her wardrobe? I need your advice!?

I feel and look very boring. I'm looking to have a little more fun, but don't feel like I look very good in any of the current trends like maxi skirts, colorful skinny pants, etc.

After a bad breakup last year, I put on a bunch of weight, which I'm working on. Right now, I'm 5'7 and 145 lbs and just slightly pear shaped. I work in an office, but do a lot of weird things like kneel on the ground taking photos, so I don't wear a ton of dresses/skirts to work.

Can anyone offer some cute ideas to spruce up my look for work and play?


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  • Try a male-style suit or two for work. It will make you exude power.
    They generally catch my eye. (for whatever that's worth :o)

  • Put a painting on it?
    ... Oh, I see...

    • Haha! Or maybe finding Narnia inside!

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  • I think skirts are always an option, even if you need to bend down, just make them a little longer. And if you struggle with weight, although I think that 5'7 and 145 is perfetly fine, try high-waist A shaped skirts. I love those, cause the make me look skinny and you can wear then with pretty much anything.
    Also, simply changing your hair up a little can make a big difference, like if you always wear it down put it up every once in a while, it will be an eye-catcher :))

  • subscribe to vogue and other fashion magazines. There's an overwhelming variety of inspiration there, or go to the mall and try on stuff opposite of what you normally would. You'd be surprised how wrong you can be looking at a hanging item


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