What kind of clothes do you need for winter in San Francisco?

My friend is moving there from Michigan soon and she's wondering what from her winter wardrobe she will need to pack. Like does she need a big winter coat (she has a Canada goose), and her collection of long johns?


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  • If she has warm Michigan winter clothes and coats, she should take them. SF can get pretty chilly. It's not entirely about temperature though. It can get wet and foggy. That can chill you to the bones in the winter if you are out in it for very long. 35-40 degrees and damp can feel colder than 20 degrees and dry.

    Also, I assume she won't just be in SF. She'll probably end up going to other areas, like up in the mountains. The Sierra can have as much snow as northern Michigan.

    Even in the summer, going out by the ocean can get pretty chilly. People who live there know to always take a jacket or something when they go to the ocean - year round.

    If she's limited on room, she can get by without the down coat. She can maybe get by without the long johns also. If she needs them she can send for them later. I only lived in the Bay Area a short time and it was summer. But I lived east of there in Sacramento for a long time. I wore a full set of thermals all winter, and sometimes found myself wearing a full winter coat even when I wasn't going to the mountain.


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  • Darker clothes, scarfs, sunglasses. Sounds about right.

  • I think some medium sweaters and long sleeve shirts are a good idea. The fog can roll into SF any day, even at the end of July. It pretty cool/chilly there year round it seems.

  • Sandals and socks :D that's pretty much it your all set :D


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