How are ways to grow your hair fast?

before school started up this year I have been wanting to grow my hair to about my belly button. right now it is about an inch past my bra. does any one have any tips on how they get there hair long or what products you use to protect it?


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  • For some reason, my hair grows extremely fast by itself. I got a haircut a week ago, and it's already back to my shoulders. I only put two things on my head in the hair area: Hats, and shampoo. And it grows faster than most girls I know. I guess you just have to be patient if it can't grow.


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  • My hair grows really fast and here are the things I do:

    1. Take a biotin supplement every day
    2. Don't wash hair every day. (3-4 times a week with warm not hot water, as hot water dries out hair)
    3. Use a heat protectant before styling or drying it. Try not to straighten or curl it every day.
    4. Eat healthy! (Drink lots of water, eat protein and vitamin C)
    5. Trim regularly (every 6-8 weeks)
    6. Use a sulfate-free shampoo
    7. Use a scalp revitalizer
    8. Use Moroccan oil on spilt ends

    You can also google for specific hair growth products! Good luck:)


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  • It may sound weird but I've noticed my hair grows faster with the more orange juice I drink


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  • I take vitamins called Biotene which helps with hair growth. I've also been washing my hair with baking soda and rinsing with Apple cider vinegar. My hair has been super healthy with no split ends and has been growing even faster than normal over the past 6 months.

  • I've try these two tricks they do work super fast and so well
    1. Smash a box of birth control pills into your shampoo and use normally
    2. Put Coconut or Almond oil on your hair (roots to tips) to sleep 2 o 3 a week rinse in the morning.

    You won't need to trim your hair, this will keep it super healthy.


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