How would you dress a guy who wears ballet flats?

So me and GF where talking about how she likes how I match some of my boy clothes with my flats, where my question came to be, so was wondering how you girls would make an outfit with guys clothing that match with some ballet flats. Might get some good tips outta this too heheheh. I know It is a strange question on a subject not many are use to so you can be rude if you want or have fun with this, so go.


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  • I'm confused. Who is wearing the ballet pumps? Is she wearing boy clothes or are you wearing girl clothes?

    • Umm, I'm wearing the flats and nobody is wearing woman's clothes, you can always read the question again and the explanation.

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  • I wouldn't date a guy who wears girls shoes

    • Not really what I was asking but OK.

    • Did you know, that, the heel, was originally meant, for men... so was the skirt. Don't believe me, look it up. Victorias Secret was also a store originally meant for men as well. All three things have been, yes, feminized.

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