What do you think of fashion , when someone mention?

What is men's fashion, women's fashion, or just fashion. It means can be very differerent for every ear. I would like to hear what do you think when you hear the word fashion.
Here is how wikipedia describes fashion https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fashion


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  • Fashion for me means, and bunch of french and italian gay's designing clothes for women. Women slaves of others opinion, with no independent though of their own, buy those crappy overpriced gay designs, in other to please the mob (their female friends).

    I have very low though about fashion, superficiality is the keyword regarding fashion.

    Sorry for my rant, but I hate the lemming mentality.


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  • Okay, there's something I want to call out about fashion, and, sorry Tarra, but I'm going to use your question as an example.

    Whenever someone says, "I dress up in expensive/fancy/nice clothes for myself, not other people" I am here to tell you that you are full of shit. There's nothing wrong with looking nice and loving fashion, but don't EVER lie to people and expect them to take your bullshit, and let me explain why you are full of shit.

    Fashion isn't like exercise, if a person tells you "I don't exercise to look good for other people, I do it for myself." They could possibly be full of shit, but at least there is actual, VALID grounds to go on. You are stronger, faster, more EFFICIENT when you exercise.

    Whereas when you put fancy clothes on, it's temporary. All your doing is dressing up the same thing, in a different way. If you were ACTUALLY dressing up for JUST yourself, and NO ONE else, you would be wearing those fancy clothes in the solitude of your home, where no one can see you.

    Imagine if you were the last person on Earth, would you dress up in fancy, nice clothes, even though no one is there to see you? Probably not. Would you still exercise if it meant you could run faster, or be more efficient in survival? Most likely.

    The ESSENCE of fashion is driven by other people's views and interpretation of it, that's fashion at it's core. DON'T hand me that "I dress up for myself" bullshit line.

    There's nothing wrong with looking your best, but don't hand me bs lines.

    Okay, I'm done. Sorry Tarra, most likely no one is gonna read this but I had to get t out of my system.

    • First of all, I am glad I could help. Second of all, I just wanted to hear your opinions not only the positive ones but just the honest ones.
      So, thank you for your honest opinion.

    • Yeah it just, it bothers me sometimes. People always say "I dress up to feel confident about myself." Like, do you not realize that the only reason you feel confident is because other people have told you that you look good? Or that you're dressing up in anticipation of other people looking at your or telling you that you look good? Your confidence from your appearance spawned from other people looking at you. That's what fashion is, just.. urgh.

  • I would define fashion as dressing well and having a clear understanding of what is comfortable, stylish, elegant, tasteful and appropriate for the right occasion. The dress code may vary according to the particular events, what is important is that one is elegantly and stylishly put together without crossing the boundaries of good taste at least in my opinion.

    And yes some straight men do care about fashion. (:

  • It works like sleeping pill: I doze off, stop listening.

  • Men don't care about fashion


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  • the art to mix and match outerwear and accessories to make it appealing to the eyes (and to express one's personality)


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