Girls, help me out with my bikini?

So I gotta buy some new swimsuits, but I am kind of a noob when it comes to bikini shopping. I am short and not exactly skinny, small boobs. Is there any particular style/pattern that I should get?


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  • Wear a thong and a regular top


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    Smaller boobs look amazing in these kinds of bikinis + a curvy figure is always a plus. =)

    • these are cool thanks :)) but chubby =/= curvy

    • Well... I've seen plenty of chubby girls wearing this, and I have to say, it can look pretty cute as well. Confidence is key. ;)

    • haha okay, I will try ^^

  • by not exactly skinny, to you mean a bit fat? I'm not trying to be mean at all, I'm 'not exactly skinny' myself, but maybe you'd just be happier in a one piece? I've got a gorgeous halterneck fifties style one which makes my boobs look great and I feel really confident in wearing at the beach. Why do you want a two piece?


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