Girls: What is you body hair preference on guys?

I know most girls like guys who take care of themselves and are "well groomed". But what type of grooming do you prefer (your ideal, not necessarily what you just consider acceptable). Think:
- Facial hair
- Chest
- Stomach
- Armpits
- Other (any other preference you have for where guys should/shouldn't have hair)


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  • facial hair.. hell yyeah.. dont over do it
    chest.. ofcrs why not but again not much
    stomach. mmm not really i think
    armpits... t is really manly so i loveee it as long as they keep their place and don't come oute of the shirt
    as a result some hair are fine but don't be a bear xx


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  • I LOVE hair. I don't like it when a man shaves anything below the neck. My guy shaves his face and that's it which is fine with me, but even if he lets his beard grow I love it. I love that he has natural growing armpit hair and pubic hair. It's not a tall order to smooth it down during oral sex. :)

    I dated a man once who shaved his balls and trimmed his pubic hair and it was awful. The stubble just grows within hours making oral and manual sex unpleasant. If a guy wants to be hair-free he should just find an esthetician who will wax him. Otherwise, the actual look of being hair-free is weird in my opinion for men. If they shave, I start thinking, yeah you're not fooling anyone, I know you grow hair there.

  • I ddefinitely like guys with hair on their head with a nice hair cut.

    Facial hair is okay I prefer them to have a little if not at all. 5 o' clock shadows are my personal favorite.

    At first I really despised chest haie but when it's a little at the top it's actually pretty hot.

    Same goes for stomach a little line comings down from the chest hair is pretty hot. That or none.

    Armpits? What would I do to convince guys to shave it off! It's just something I don't find attractive and never will. Something about their "man hood" is at stake if they shave it off. =/

    I would love for guys to shave their legs also arms are okay.

    Oh and pubic hair it's the same thing with armpits I want it gone but we can't get everything we want =(

  • I love hair anywhere but the back and face and armpits :S

  • Limited grooming with excellent hygiene please.

  • I don't like chest and facial hair!

  • i dont like hair.


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