How can I make my eyelashes thicker, fuller, and longer without wearing false eyelashes?

When I wear mascara (or if I don't), It looks like I barely have any eyelashes :( also, my eyelashes are normal length, but I would like them to be longer. Please help me :(


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  • I will copy-paste the answer I gave to a similar question. Hopefully, it will help you out a little. :)
    I can give you some tips:
    - Use oil based makeup remover. It can help wipe off the mascara gently without rubbing your eyelashes.
    - Mix vitamin E with castor oil and vaseline and apply it to your eyelashes. It will help in moisturizing your eyelashes. Do it once every five days.
    - Consume protein and take vitamin supplements (B5, B6, B12, Biotin, A, E and C). By consuming protein and taking vitamin supplements, will also benefit for your hair growth and your overall health.
    - Massage your eyelids. It will increase the blood circulation and your eyelashes will end up growing faster.


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  • I use the LancĂ´me STAR Mascara, I get it in black. Naturally my eyelashes look about average length, but after I apply it, my eyelashes nearly reach my eyebrows. So yeah, use a dark colors, buy the volume mascara, and research one with a good brush. I fell in love with the kind I told you about.

  • Better mascara. Use one for fuller and thicker lashes that should help.


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