I don't know what to wear :(?

I don't know what to wear I have no clothes and eveytime I go to the mall I find nothing that's look good on me just only bough it bc are in trend even if look bad or bc it's cute but still looks bad on me lately nothing look good on me. What's it in trend looks good :)? Help


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  • I mean, you don't have to follow the trends, as someone else said. I personally just buy whatever both appeals to me and flatters my body. I love self- expression, and I think that's what makes a person's clothing style attractive and what actually makes a person look good - I was known in my college as "the girl who always dresses fantastic" and constantly got compliments, despite me not following barely any of the trends. All i did was buy things that stuck out to me as interesting (making sure they flatter my body, of course), and just... accessorized with them. It's really just about getting things you like, and adding a personal flare (matching accessories, neat shoes, ect), and knowing what shapes work with your body. If not, why did people like my non-trendy clothing? Unless you're in a strict clique or something, dressing any way you feel confident and comfortable should not be an issue... Forcing yourself to wear a style you're not into does nothing for your looks or your confidence. Anybody can put on trending yoga pants and a Hollister shirt, but it doesn't mean it "works" for everyone, if you see what I'm saying.
    But if you absolutely MUST follow the trends, floral print tends to be in right now, as well as Native American inspired patterns. As for helping you find out what flatters you... I need to know your body type/shape. Depending on your height, curves, ect, certain types/shapes of shirts could look different on you than they would someone else.


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  • What do you look like?

    • What you mean? Brown short hair , brown eyes , white light skin , heigh 5'6 , weight 1.10 probably like I'm bit fat I have to much waist and hips

    • Well, we have to know what you look like in order to give you ideas... you don't have a profile pic and you're asking us what you should wear. Seems kind of illogical to ask us what you should wear, when you don't even show yourself... duhhhh

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  • You need to go shopping with someone that is going to be honest with you and be like this looks good this doesn't. Either that get a sales associate to help you pick stuff out. I'm not saying go hirer a personal shopper haha but if you really just are too picky with your self then have someone else do it for you. Haha I don't know I just take my son shopping he's 5 by the way he's honest as hell. He's like momma I don't like that shirt or you look so pretty. But seriously get an honest friend to help you out. I know this isn't helpful in terms of trends.. Oh check out Pinterest they put cute outfits on there haha you can always check out mine if you want I pin a ton of stuff fashion wise but I don't know if it's your style lol hopefully that's helpful!

    • Yes you right should ask someone else if look good next time thanks for the tip

  • Don't worry about trends. Buy what you like. That's it bye


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