Any girls here with those popular nike shorts, tempos, help?

I'm a 19 yr. old girl from BC, Canada originally. I've also lived in Sweden, as my mother is from there. Now I'm in Tx., for a year. I've heard stigmas on girls here in the U. S. thare bad. Being overweight, no style. I've noticed that lately though, a lot of guys aren't really paying attention to us girls that are from abroad, our styles. I hang around a crowd mostly that's exchange students, various other countries. I've noticed that the girls here are getting a lot of attention, wearing these nike shorts, tempos, and having some extra weight to them. So I took a poll from 5 guys. I showed them 4 pictures of girls here in their style, extra weight, nike tempo shorts. All blondes and brunettes from here. Then 4 pictures of us girls from other places, and our styles. I asked them to rate the top 3, and write 1 comment. All 3 top picks were 2 blondes and 1 brunette, all in their nike shorts, all from here. Comments about how great their legs look in those shorts, how they look great "thick," things like that. 1 comment was on how no girls can beat that. I'm stunned, really. Truthfully, my confidence has sunk now that I've seen that. I didn't think it would be like this. I thought that we were better. Should I get some of those shorts, and gain some weight? Do most guys like that better? The vote wasn't even close, and I guess girls here ARE that good then.


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  • I don't know. I'd have to see an example of what you're talking about. Or at least something more descriptive than "extra weight" - like dress sizes or something.

    Americans probably DO have a widely different view from the rest of the world on what "overweight" is.

  • don't change yourself to match the standards of 5 guys opinions. its probably just their own taste of why they chose the blondes and brunettes. you can get the shorts but please don't intentionally gain weight :P and I mean unhealthy weight.


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