Why did she give me eye contact on the bus?

I got into a city bus on my way home, and looked to the back to see any of the good spots are open for sitting for me.

Before I sat down at the front, I noticed this girl in the back looking at me. She must have saw me when I first came on the bus.

Later on, I looked to the back of the bus to look at the people leaving the bus and see if there is any spots left. She had fixed look on me. I have a feeling she was staring at me.

I only looked to the bus when I got on and that one moment mentioned above.


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  • She might have found you attractive or intriguing. Or she was deep in thought.

    • Let me say now that girls do like attention and seeing a handsome guy in her league/age range who was looking at/near her would spark her interest. She looked at you and tried to bridge eye contact to show interest. Next time you see this, stare back at her for 3 seconds and don't look at her wierdly, if she looks away, then it was because she was trying to recognize you or something else.

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