How long for hair to grow 10cm? CRAZY STORY!!?

So i went to the hairdressers and the women was new and i asked for a trim and showed a picture of the way i wanted my hair styled. Note STYLED. Okay. So I'm sitting chilling just scrolling on insta, then she taps me shoulder and says, do you like your hair, I LOOK UP LIKE 'THIS SURE isn't MA HAIR' but it really is. Im sat thinking 'Gurlll you took say 10cm of ma hair for no reason' So I'm just looking-my face answered for me and she said okay its__ about of dollars and i paid but i was so shocked i wasn't thinking. I get home and see it in different lighting, LOOKS LIKE I GOT A HEDGE ON MA HEADDDDDD! Seriously this chick doesn't deal with afro hair good at all, I'm like hanging. I got hair like Kruty the clown going on. My hair game is weak. WHAT DO I DO? Any thing to help my hair GROW? Damn, Don't like like i be getting my hair STYLED again if it means cutting it.


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  • For hair to grow 10 cm, it depends on your age, but that's like 4 inches, hair grows like um... 8 or 6 inches a year? You can also try extensions.

    • Alright thanks, My hair is soo curly it is so impossible to find a match

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    • Goodness gracious! Well, there is a way to solve that. You know if you do exercise, say run 2 miles a day, it jolts up your testosterone, I think it helps in that process for protein absorption etc.

    • Thanks.

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  • 1mm per day. 100mm in 10 centimeters. So 100 days.


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  • It grows about 6 inches a year... so 15cm a year. So a little less than a year to grow 10cm, maybe 8monthes? Stuff on pinterest can teach u how to make yr hair grow faster, but I suggest getting a new haircut, even if u don't want to. But it's totally up to u. Good luck, I know how u feel :(


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