Post a picture of a body type you look for most in the opposite gender?

I think it will be interesting to see how everyone is different or maybe the same. This is the type I look for the most
Maybe not on that perfection but that overall look.


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  • - just a little bit fatter than this... =)

  • Paul Rudd in this picture. Yes! Sexy baby! Seth's pretty hot too.

    This body is pretty sexy as well though.

    • I really like boobs on a guy. Something I can comfortably lay my head against.

    • Sorry about posting the links instead of pictures. I know that has to be a bit annoying.

    I like skinnier, tall guys with a little muscle... whatevs.

    • Why thank you!

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    • How tall?

    • I'm pretty short, so anything 5"7' and up would be monumental. Though I must say I have a penchant for guys 6"0' plus.

  • Honestly I don't "look" for anything or expect anything. There's tons of nice body types (which is even more true for the ladies.)

    Ideally, the taller side (5'10 and above) with a V-shape and the right amount of muscle is perfect (too much isn't attractive to me. ) but shorter guys can be just as attractive or more, so can huskier guys or thinner ones.


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