Why does my body look so different in pictures?

I look chubby, my legs look short and my body doesn't look at all like it does in the mirror. In fact the further I am from the camera the rounder I look. Is it my posture? Is it the resolution of the camera (5megapx)? Is it the angle from where they will photograph me? But even so why would my legs look short when they are not?


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  • Lol that has nothing to do with the resolution.. Sry that made me laugh hard.

    But it has indeed with the angle. > www.ehow.com/...ake-legs-look-longer-pictures.html

    So shoot from below, that's very important. If shooting from the front, make sure to stand in an angle to the shot, and turn your legs and hips in, might want to put one leg on the toes, so that it doesn't look so stiff. I can't find good pictures right now.. You get me?

    • i think it has to do with resolution too... otherwise why do we look so much better with a hd camera?

    • sigh.. The PICTURE looks better with higher res, not you. Because high res fakes reality better, plainly explained. That works for people, landscapes, animals and cookies. Nothing to do with your legs or the way you look. :')

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  • Most of it is that we're all really critical of our appearance, especially in our teens. Don't sweat it. What you see is probably 2-3 points lower on the 1-10 scale than what the world sees.

    Not kidding.


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  • The thing is, some mirrors really elongate the shape of your body, while others show the real picture.
    Obviously you have the mirror that makes you look thinner.
    The pictures tell the real story.

    • OR it's the angle of the picture that's the problem. Maybe whoever is taking the pictures doesn't know how to photograph properly. =. o

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    • yes i am short (5'0") but my legs are longer than my torso.
      anyway i guess you're right
      Thanks :)

    • No problem. Glad I could help. =)

  • It's not the camera that's making you look fat, it's the FAT that's making you look fat.

    That, or your distorted view of yourself.

    • ewww im not fat.

    • plus if i had a distorted body image i wouldn't like myself in the mirror too right?

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