Skateboarding in a suit and tie?

I've been skating for three years now and I've also had to start wearing formal-wear to school because I do news reporting for our class and have gotten used to skating in my suit and everybody asks me about it because until last year I never even wore those kinds of clothes and because I had to wear them I took a liking to them, and being well dressed in general, so is it really that unusual?


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  • It's unusual, no denying, but it's that kind of distinction that sets you apart and makes you more noticeable. Plus, who doesn't look sexier in a suit? Just don't forget to dress down once in a while too, or the suit will lose it's flair. For both you And your target audience. :)

  • It's unique, that's for sure. Not in a bad way, but will help you stand out apart from any other skaters out there.


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