How to look more beautiful?

how to look more beautiful? i've never been confident about my looks maybe someone has some tips for me?


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  • I think you are a beautiful woman, but honestly the best way to become more attractive, have more confidence in yourself. I am much more attracted to women who are confident, but not bitchy, than those who aren't. I know this is WAY easier said than done but, really, work on your self confidence, it will make you more attractive to both yourself and to others. Just don't over do it so that come off as a bitch.


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  • I don't see what's wrong with you. If you feel beautiful, then you'll transmit it. If you don't, what attraction will you bring? It is all in the head hunny. Feel it first and convince yourself that you are.

    • thanks :) well i'm realy shy so it hard sometimes to be confident :p but it's great advise :p

    • In fact you look a lot like a female professor that I know. She had many of her students who was crushing badly on her. Your facial features are a lot like hers. But you're a really pretty girl :)

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