Where can I get a skirted bathing suit?

At a reasonable price preferably?
And a one piece and I need store names cause I need it for tomorrow


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  • There are lots of Internetshops that sells them. Just search for "skiretd bating suit" and you will find the sites.

    • Thanks :) I need yo find stores that sell them because I need one for tomorrow. I should of put that in the description

    • For tomorrow?
      You can only hope there are people from your town on GaG.

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    • Obviously I've been searching google...

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    • Pick your battles!

      By the way, what did you ever wind up doing... it was yesterday, right? Or the day before... I forget

    • I just call people out on their attitude my friend :) no big deal for me. I wasn't going to walk into a store.. That's why I asked you what you were talking about.. Most stores I went to didn't have what I was looking for. So I needed specific stores. I appreciate people who actually try to help though, and mess with people who's opinion has proven to be unhelpful

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