Im unsure about colour coordinating girls please help?

I recently bought white skinny jeans and a pair of green skinny jeans but I don't know what colour of tops to wear I've been sticking with the bardic black, white and grey but I feel to boring what other colours would go well, I try others but feel like it look stupid any advice please?


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  • Green skinny jeans would go best with very neutral colors. Black or white.
    White is a neutral color so your white skinny jeans can go with more. I would suggest avoiding brightly colored shirts to go with them though because white is a bright enough color for jeans. I'd stick with dark colors for shirts, such as dark red, navy blue, of course black, etc. Depending on your skin tone, pastel shirts may go as well.


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  • Black's nice, light blue or dark blue. To be honest, the green skinny jeans are kind of compatible with the above, but I wouldn't use them that often. White's colour neutral and can be combined with so much.


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  • the colors you've been wearing are good for green, just maybe try ones with some flare to them or add a necklace. For white jeans, really any color. I like mint green with white, yellow wouldn't look that good, blue would be cute, etc. Really most colors can go with the white.

  • Pinterest outfit choices!

    Type in the search

    "White skinny jean outfits"
    "Green skinny jean outfits"

    It will give you great visuals and show you how to play it up.


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