Do you think it's fair that people with different body types aren't allowed to wear certain things at certain places like school?

I'm 5 feet 8 inches so I have really long arms and I find that whole "below fingertips" rule to be so unfair for taller people because that means I can only wear Bermuda shorts to school & that's not my style. Same goes for skirts and dresses.

I have a small waist and wide hips which make me look curvy. I wore a long dress to school one day and another girl wore a similar dress but she wasn't that curvy. We were right next to each other when I got in trouble for what I was wearing & the other girl tried to stick up for me, but the administration wasn't having it. They said I "sexualized" the dress. I didn't "sexualize" anything. I just wore a damn dress that was very appropriate being that it was long & I wasn't showing cleavage. I can't help that dresses that go straight down don't go straight down on me because of my hips.

Why should I be ashamed of my body? I can't help it if I look like this naturally. I'm not going to get rid of my hips & thighs for people.

If my body was narrow or if I was a heavier set, there would be no problem. And for a whole bunch of adults to tell me I was being too "sexy" was beyond creepy.

Even though I'm fresh out of high school and don't really have to worry about that anymore, it always bothered me.

Do you think it's fair or should I have just dressed like a nun for the rest of high school? Oh wait... my hips & small waist probably would've "sexualized" that dress too.


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  • All those rules are so pointless, and meant to target those (mainly women) with 'assets' I guess you could say that apparently the unruly schoolboys cannot be exposed to. "Hey, it's your fault my son isn't learning in class, cover yourself like a nun now!". "Who do you think you are, walking into this learning environment looking like a skank?". Nobody is teaching the boys not to look, and sometimes as we have seen in recent news stories these people are excusing rape because those 'darn little girls are exposing themselves to the dangers of man's desire'. It's disgusting. I for one refused to let go of my crop tops because I thought they looked nice, no matter how many times I was asked to change or wear a sweater (I was asked to wear a jacket in 90 F weather one time... ooookay sorry I'm not trying to die). I didn't have many issues beside that despite showing much more skin than others because I am short (5''1') and don't have boobs or a butt.

    • RIGHT? Maybe their sons aren't doing well because they have no self control... or they're stupid. I highly doubt it's my fault. I spent my money on my clothes so hell yeah I'm going to wear them! And my parents saw what I was wearing and they were fine with it, so others should be too & if they're not, that's their problem. NOT MINE.

    • Yes!! Rape culture is so subtly engrained into the school system, and everyone seems to think it's perfectly fine. My mom was actually the one who oftentimes encouraged my wearing 'revealing' clothing because in her country (Mexico), NOBODY MAKES A DEAL OUT OF IT. And guess what? No boys are missing out on vital education, they are not distracted. I just don't understand at all why the need to demonize the perfectly beautiful and natural human body...

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  • I suggest you take it up with your principal and say everything you've said here and if he doesn't agree first threaten that you will take it up to someone higher like the board and then if he still doesn't take it to them. It is a bit stupid it should be like no skirts or dresses above the knee and shorts shouldn't be less than a certain measurement from waist to end of pants. And tops shouldn't reveal too much skin.

    • That's exactly what I was thinking. I always dress appropriately. They should really be more specific. I'm out of high school, so there's no need for me to talk to the principal. Haha.

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  • I was home schooled for most of the time but when I did go to school because of my cuvers I was told not to wear some things. I was 12 when this happened. They said my shorts were too short. Normal girl shorts. And I had (big for a 12 year old) boobs so I couldn't wear some of the awesome shirts I had. Schools are BS when it comes to wearing shit. And my friends could wear buty shorts. And be fine.

  • It was always the popular/hot girls that never got in trouble at my high school.

  • Well to address the first part, arm length is proportional to your height, so short people's fingertips reach the same area on the thigh that yours would, being a taller person.

    At most schools, the shortest "shorts" you can wear are Bermuda shorts. I'm 5'2" and I can't wear short shorts to school.

    As for being curvy, I can relate. We're not allowed to wear leggings or yoga pants but really skinny girls or girls without curves get away with it whereas I and other girls couldn't.

    Its just because yes, your body is more distracting to the boys I guess. Which is BS in my opinion but that's school for ya

    • Boys should just learn to control themselves. And there really shouldn't be exceptions to these rules. Whatever, I'm done with the high school nonsense. Lmao.

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