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Would you rather have sex with...

a girl with a hot body ugly face


Pretty Face and huge hairy body?

Same thing for girls but Guys.

(btw: as in ugly, pimple's, uni-brow , small facial hair)

  • GUYS: Hot body BUT ugly face.
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  • GUYS: Hot face BUT fat hairy body.
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  • GIRLS: Hot body BUT ugly face.
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  • GIRLS: Hot face BUT fat hairy body.
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Most Helpful Guy

  • Ah, oh my god, I can't choose. This hypothetical doesn't even make sense. How could someone have both a pretty face and a huge hairy body? That is, like, impossible. Her face would be just as huge and hairy as the rest of her.


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  • Hot body girl, its just sex not a full blown relationship.

  • Yeah really, neither one because I'm not that desperate. But if someone had a gun to my head and told me to make a choice I'd just tell him to flip a coin.

  • If you can find somesone that has an unibrow pimples and facial hair but still have a hot body I'll be impressed.

    • Lol I NATURALLY have all of those things...but with getting my eyebrows and lip waxed and wearing just enough make up apparently people don't think I look all that bad :)

    • Sure you do.

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