Bellybutton piercing?

I really want to get a bellybutton piercing. I think it's sexy as fuck. I'm not sure about the pain tho, I have a pretty low pain tolerance. Also, are there risks involved? Please share your thoughts and past experiences thanks.


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  • I don't think most guys look at one and go OMG DATS SO SEXY YO. Personally I don't care but it would be annoying having to worry about accidentally catching it and ripping it out, when it doesn't really serve much of a purpose.

    Risks would be infection, some nurse came to my old hs talking about piercings and mentioned thats a bad spot because you were fed through the umbilical cord there, so it could spread. I don't know if there is much truth to that but you can easily just google the generic risks.

    "The most serious risks are infections, allergic reactions, bleeding, and damage to nerves or teeth. Infections may be caused by hepatitis, HIV, tetanus, bacteria, and yeast. If the piercer washes his/her hands and uses gloves and sterile equipment and you take good care of your piercing, the risk of infection is lowered (but can still occur)."

    "You CAN get and/or spread a serious infection (including HIV), if the piercing equipment hasn't been sterilized properly
    Infections caused by bacteria getting into the puncture of the piercing can happen later, even after the piercing has healed
    If the studio uses a piercing "gun" to do body piercings, LEAVE! Piercing guns cannot be sterilized and should NOT be used for body piercing"

    If you have plans to become pregnant and want a nipple or navel piercing supposedly it's not recommended? Not 100% sure why or if thats just an immediate kind of thing.

    It says the healing time is fairly long compared to piercings but this was the first site so doesn't mean everything is correct. Not sure why it takes so long to heal.
    Pierced Body Part Healing Time
    Ear lobe 4 to 6 weeks
    Ear cartilage 3 to 6 months
    Eyebrow 9 to 12 weeks
    Nostril 2 to 4 months
    Tongue 4 to 6 weeks
    Lip 2 to 3 months
    Nipple 3 to 6 months
    Navel (belly button) 9 months to 1 year
    Female genitalia 4 to 10 weeks
    Male genitalia 4 weeks to 2 months

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    • Damn. This just made me not want to get one lol.

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    • Thanks for mh =p

    • Thanks for the help :)

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  • There are some health issues with piercings.
    Also, according to many polls here on GAG, MOST guys do not like piercings.
    I myself do not like them.
    You may not care what others think, and I know this question was about the pain.
    But the facts are out, most guys do not like it, and it is trouble health wise.
    You can now make an informed decision

  • They defiantly are sexy as fuck... but yes piercing do sting... it's a bearable pain though you should be able to push through it :P and just think stick it out like a tough chick and you get to be sexy as fuck haha
    I've got my eye brow and my upper ear done the ear hurt more cos is was cartilage... the eye brow hardly anything so when I think about it belly shouldn't hurt too bad hey... as for keeping it clean they should offer you all the shit you need I've also been told to wash it with shampoo cos it's less harsh on the sensitive skin... but not till you're clear to touch cos there's about a week or two after you just get it done where you gotta basically not play with it at all while the swelling goes down :) have fun though! go get it done and go look sexy as fuck haha!


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  • I have one myself, and I can honestly say that for me, it did not even hurt when I got it pierced. It does feel a bit sore after you get it done for a few days, but then you get used to it. Unfortunately for me though, I think I may have over stretched it or something, since I am in competitive gymnastics I roughed it up a bit, so right now, there is a small bump on the top of the piercing that I am trying to get rid of. I did clean it like I was suppose too, but I think because I went right to doing my gymnastics after I got it done, that it had some sort of reaction to it or something, so I'm hoping it will go away soon.
    Basically, overall, what I'm saying is that totally get it done, its worth it, I love it. :)))


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