What do u think about weird shaped thick eyebrows?

I have thick eyebrows but the shape isn't perfect i mean, like weird and its just not really good i think, but i have no problem at all so i dont know what im doing haha bye tho they call me "sinchan" but i think my eyebrows dont look like shinchan's or sinchans or whatever. just nothing to do


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  • I have no idea without a picture. Do you know which eyebrows look weird? The ones that have that specific arc that people who rip out all of their eyebrows and draw it back tend to do. It looks so silly, wow.

    • i dont know how to add picture here lol

    • well what I tend to do is just throw it into my Dropbox account's public folder then link the picture here.

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  • thick eyebrows do not creat any problem. just go to a parlour and give them a shape. why to do anything if they are harmless.

  • Well most girls I've seen seen to mess with them a bit, some a bit too much.

    • like draw a bird on them? i've seen it a lot too

    • Nah some cut them too thin, some give them weird looking arcs, some shave them and draw pencil lines..

  • Honestly it depends. Some girls can probbably rock thick eyebrows but some can't


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