What do you think of girls who wear mostly black shirts?

I appreciate answers from either gender, just please be polite. :)

I'm getting some new shirts for school, and I keep gravitating toward the black ones (I just really like it, plus it's usually more opaque, and I can match it with basically any other colors), but I don't want to come across as moody or depressed at first glance... I'm already pretty quiet and shy, which can give the wrong impression.

So if someone is wearing black shirts about 70% of the time, though it's NOT a punk/goth style, would you get a negative impression?

Or am I overthinking this?


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  • If a girl wore black that much I might get kind of a dark impression, though perhaps not negative. Honestly black is associated with that so much my mind would probably jump to punk/goth if it was really 70% of the time. But punk/goth is more of a fashion style these days than an outlook on life, and that's what people would probably think unless you're covered in tons of piercings, tattoos, and hair dyes, lol.

    • Is it purely the color, or does style matter? Sorry for extra questions, I'm just curious, haha.

    • Feel free to ask as much as you want, lol. It's pretty much the color, and the amount of it. If you wore a shirt that was heavily black that'd be enough to trigger a more goth look, and if you wore that a lot then people who don't know you would probably get at least a slightly goth perception of you.

      It does seem kind of silly that an entire color triggers that perception, but that's fashion for you I guess.

    • Thank you for your answer. :)

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  • As long as they're not totally black tops with nothing else on it than you should be good. I have a lot of tops that are black or black and grey, so to balance it out I have some colorful tops not a lot only like 3. I have a limited wardrobe but still. As long as you don't dye your hair a lot of different colors or have a lot of tattoos and peri conga you should be good

  • You're over thinking. wear whatever you want. Like you said black goes with anything

  • They are overweight, in mourning, goths.

  • Girl I know, used to be like that... she went through that phase. She grew out of it eventually though

    • I had the phase in middle/high school. I guess I grew back into it, lol.

    • Different things come and go at different times... like men for you, and women for me... friends usually stick by you, and so do family

    • Although unless you go the other way ;)

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