Ladies, how much money do you spend on clothes, makeup, and accessories?

Let's say per month. How much would you spend? Do you think you spend too much?
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  • I don't spend enough
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  • Makeup and accessories? Basically nothing, and I'm happy that way.

    Clothing, however... I'm terrible at resisting the urge to buy every sweater I see, getting novelty leggings (I use them as pajamas, but still, my collection is crazy), always getting new blouses... it's actually a problem, lol. If I had my way, I'd have a couple hundred of dollars to spend on clothes each month. Right now, while I battle whims and I budget as much as I can stand, I spend maybe $50 per month. Still too much, because I don't need anything new at all, haha.


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  • Since I hate shopping for these things, I don't spend much money on them. Every once in a while I'll buy a rather expensive piece of clothing, but other than that I prefer to buy clothes that are reasonably priced.

  • Depending on the month, it varies. But probably, on average, about $50.

  • Everytime I get paid I go shopping the next day lol... I mostly spend my money on clothes and makeup... Especially shoes ;D

  • i voted C. i'm pretty simple. i don't really wear makeup and i'm not into accessories. :)


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