Ho I make my hair look like this at home?

not every chick can afford hair extention of a good hair dresser...

i naturaly have a lot of hair, and its thick and long...

any how this is a pic of ''britney spears'' lol but i am a hudge fan of her look!

so i like to know how can i make my hair look like this at home?

i already own a good hair straightner and a professional brushes i just can't get the method right,...


and i did ask this same exact Q before its just noone could see the image


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What Guys Said 1

  • everyone has special hair.

    • do whats right for your hairstyle.

    • im sure it would suit me... i like this hair style very much tohugh

What Girls Said 1

  • lol.. okay i've already answered you question babe;)

    • yes i posted it again :p only coz the image wasn't showing...

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