I'm a good looking guy that dresses like a redneck/thuggish. Is that a turn off?

So I'm a good looking guy but I usually wear what's comfortable to me. I'd consider my style red neck-ish in the warmer months (Beater, cargo/camo shorts with military boots) and a little "thuggish" in the colder months (dark hoodie with black jacket, jeans and military boots). I also have diamond studs in both ears. I do take care of my face to avoid acne and style my hair as well. My friends always make fun of the way I dress in the warmer months but it's honestly the most comfortable thing and I was never one to really go all out when dressing up. I'll admit that I dress like shit but it's what I want to wear. I do dress accordingly when it comes to work or events though. Would it be a deal breaker if a guy approached you and dressed like a complete idiot but was good looking?


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  • Looks are usually what gets someone's attention, just to be honest. But in all actuality if someone is judging you just off of your looks, they aren't worth your time anyways!(: all that matters is being comfortable & happy all on your own.

    • Yeah I understand that the initial impression is very important. I'm not really worried about my face so much as how I dress. I'll be the first to admit that I dress like an idiot but it's what I prefer to wear. I feel you on that last statement about being comfortable and happy though which is what kind of brought me to ask this question.

    • Ahh, I see! We're in the same boat for sure. I defiantly dress to be comfortable! Luckily for me, my comfy cloths are pretty cute & classy all at the same time ha.(:

    • Lucky for you indeed. Good on ya for being able to wear what you while still doin ya thang.

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  • That's not redneck-ish at all... It's military-punk-ish...

    And it sounds hot. =)

    • My friends always say "You look redneck as ****" whenever we meet up lol so I just assumed that's how rednecks dress. You'd be in the minority if you thought the way I dressed was "hot" though, I appreciate the words. People around here really like to doll themselves up.

    • People here like to doll themselves up too, but we don't have such a strict approach to it all.
      Casual and punk-ish is a fashion choice, as is metal, goth, hippie/boho...
      Everyone likes different styles - the ones they feel suites them best - those they feel best in (physically and mentally). Personally, I really appreciate others feeling comfortable. =)

  • a redneck-thug tho?

    my thing is: do girls like it? if ur pulling the girls u want then its not a turn off. I don't know bc I've never seen ur swag

    I would recommend adding some labels and name brand. I don't mind guys who dress thuggish tbh but he can't look bummy. you know the hood looking dudes whos outfit cost more than most ppls car note? I like that

    • It depends on the weather. I suppose my style could be considered a fusion of the two. I ain't "pullin girls" but I am a lot more confident about myself as of recently. Been working my game and talking to random girls I find attractive and for the most part, they're positively receptive. I don't have a single female friend (is that weird?) so my only option is to talk to random girls I think are pretty. I ain't look bummy though, that much I know. Hygiene and taking care of my face is important to me though I ain't take it too far like doing my eyebrows and stuff. I also wear cologne as I like to smell good.

  • 1. I don't know too many real rednecks that rock cargo shorts lol they lean more towards the jean shorts lol
    2. Classifying those clothes as thuggish is kind of harmful. Black men get shot for wearing shit like that so we shouldn't perpetuate the stereotype.

    With that being said I love both of those looks on guys lol so it should be fine with other girls right?

    • I just figured that's how rednecks dress cause that's what my white homies tell me lol. I ain't wear no damn jorts though, **** that noise! It wasn't my intent to perpetuate the stereotype. We have a lot of brothas around where I live and they don't really get negative attention for rocking hoodies. Folks around here get along pretty well for the most part.

    • Lol cool :)

  • I'm not sure I can even picture this. I mean what ever it's your personal style but yeah I'd probably be like ehhh not really my thing. But either way is still have to see it to know for sure.

  • Honestly? Yes. I think casual wear is super sexy on men, but fit is incredibly important. Baggy clothes look sloppy. Beaters are just... no.

    • I don't wear baggy clothes. I just hate wearing clothes so I try to wear the least amount that's socially acceptable when I go out. If it was to impress the right girl though I'll consider putting on a dress shirt since I can just wear a beater underneath. I did wear a nice button up and jeans when I went on a date with the last chica but I had a beater and jeans on when I met her.

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    • When you say "fitted" jeans, does that mean the jeans aren't too baggy but not too tight? If so then I guess my lucky (favorite) jeans are considered fitted. I don't wear tshirts anymore. They're like beaters with extra fabric lol.

    • Yep those are fitted

  • No if a guy is good looking he'll look good in anything!

  • Well, you like Starcraft. You can find yourself a nice Korean girl =P

    • Haha Being an Asian dude, I actually want to mix things up a bit. Asian girls think I can be a model or some kind of movie star. I wouldn't say Asian girls are my least preferred ethnicity but I would say that girls of other ethnicity definitely catch my attention more often.

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