Why do guys judge a Girl with unnatural cosmetics Or Hair?

I Dye my hair blue (Navy Blue that looks black in the dark) & I wear unnatural shades of lipstick like purple or blue or black not the usual basic Red pinks and nudes. But I feel like I'm being judged every single time I walk out of the house. When ever I do these colors they compliment me. What's the big deal with the judgment?


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  • It's because it's not normal and you're drawing attention to yourself. It is a form of expression, but it you don't do the norm, expect to be judged.

    If you don't want guys to judge you, don't express yourself (which I highly suggest you do whatever makes you happiest so express yourself), or start to hang out with guys that dig your style.

    • btw, I don't want you to think what you're doing is wrong. I have hair extensions that are multiple vivid colors that I put into my hair. They're super cute, but they turn heads.

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  • Humans are judgmental creatures. We look at the unique as strange because we are not used to it. Sometimes its good judgement sometimes it's bad. It is your fault for being unique, if you're going to look different then expect to be looked at differently.

    It is the same as when a girl is dressed provocatively and expects guys to not look at her creepily.


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