Guys - What is your opinion on brown eyes?

I have brown. They are super dark though. People always ask me if I have a pupil because of how dark they are. Do guys like brown eyes? Are they attractive?

Not to mention they are kinda tiny and almond shaped.


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  • I think brown eyes are the best thing going.

    • Even more so when complemented by black hair and brown skin.

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  • I honest don't care what color a girl eye's are. All of them are equal to me, since they all have beautiful aspects to them.

    But I care more about the shape, size of the girl's eyes more.

    And I have a brown eyes too. Brown eyes are attractive too.

  • i think brown eyes are cute ^^

    a little plain but cute


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  • brown eyes are nice :]

    but I don't know why people would even ask you if you didn't have a pupil.

    obviously you wouldn't be able to see without one.

  • brown eyes are common...but not all brown shades are the same...truth is everyones eye color change with mood...i have light brown eyes and they turn reddish-brown sometimes when I'm really ecstatic and happy...and lighter in color when I'm tired or upset...yet people always ask me if I wear contacts or something and I dont...

    ive seen lots of diff types of brown eyes and theyre just stunning! you need to look closer and pay attention in the light...

    you can also wear some eyeliner and tiny bit of mascara to enhance your eyes! =)

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