Asking help to identify a featured article or author of a feat. article from a fashion magazine?

I once read an older article that I believe was featured in a fashion magazine in the 90s.. Maybe earlier or later. I honestly can't remember if it was in vogue, cosmo, harpers or another fashion magazine. The premise of the article was that the author had traveled to a big city or popular tourist area.. maybe it was NY or maybe it was in Paris.. I can't remember. The author stated she was in a boutique looking at a hat when a woman approached her and told her to go for it, to try the hat on, maybe buy it. But only to wear it if she had the confidence because it was a hat that required confidence to be worn.

Does anyone know the article, author's name or magazine title? I've been looking for this article for past 2 years and have had no luck :(


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  • I search the best I could and I could not find shit.

    Do you know a specific line from it?

    • Its been such a long time i just remember the situation and not quite exact words, which makes it that much more challenging lol I've had no luck :/ thanks for your help!!

    • Well give me the not exact words.

      I know I can find it!

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