Who should I cosplay? I'm stuck between 2!!!

I asked this question on 2 other sites in addition to GAG, and ended up with a tie between BW and Gamora, so I'm asking again cuz I still can't decide...

Here's a pic of me so you can see what kind of body I'm working with here :P https://residualblue.tumblr.com

Side Info: Yes, I'm willing to paint my skin green. Yes, I'd buy a wig for whichever one I'm cosplaying. Gamora's will cost around $80, BW's will cost around $150.

A) Gamora: images.fandango.com/.../...elter_Gamora_v6a_lg.jpg

B) Black Widow: wac.450f.edgecastcdn.net/.../...er-black-widow.jpg
  • Gamora (Guardians of the Galaxy)
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  • Black Widow (Cap USA 2)
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  • I think Gamora is so much more badass, but Natasha is probably easier to pull off. Gamora will require a lot of makeup work to get her to look right

    • Very true, but I have a make-up artist friend who's already pledged to help me so I think I'm covered :P

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    • yep, that makes sense. Though with Natasha you'd have to tie it really tight. It would just be awesome to be green for the day.

    • I've got practice being green too, from when I did Wicked with some friends (I was Elphaba, needless to say)

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  • Black Widow! -much better

  • Black Widow, you won't have to paint your skin green.

  • I like Gamora. Decided against Loki?

    • Yep. In addition to just not getting that many votes, his whole get-up (whilst super bad-ass looking and very awesome) is super complicated and would take forever, especially all the armor. Leather is really hard to work with too (compared to cloth/fabric), adding even more time to the project.

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