Guys and the girls' makeup?

okay so I was reading a post somewhere on this site and some guys said that one of their turn offs were girls who wear a lot of makeup. now my question I wear makeup and a lot but more in a professional way, like it looks neat and done. does it matter or what . I def don't do dark black/blue eyeshadow.

idk my makeup looks like a celeb finish.

what you guys say ?

lol what do you mean by crusty ?

& yeah face & neck two diff colors is nasty

thanks :)


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  • well I'm one of the guys who dislikes it very much when a girl wear too much makeup and foundation and don't know how to put it on correctly

    but I mean if you wear it correctly and don't put too much on then ur good

    but the kind of makeup I like is eye shadow and eye liner like things to bring out the color of the eyes cause nice eyes are a turn on for me

    but another thing is if I get serious with a girl and I don't know she wears makeup and I wakeup to that face I'm gonna be pretty freaked out and say who is this? lol (exaggeration a bit but I think you get my point)


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  • As long as it doesn't look like you plastered your face then it should be fine. one thing that does turn me on is when the girl has o much make up on that there I a significant difference in color between her face and her neck. Its disgusting. As long as it looks good and it doesn't look like cake I would be ok with it

  • Some European and South America Victoria's Secret models have some cool makeups, in the other hand some actresses from Hollywood have terrible taste for makeups.

  • As long as the foundation isn't thick and crusty...that is the worst look EVER!

    • What sadndepressed said. Sometimes girls have so much make up on that it's as thick as pizza crust.

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