What to do besides a cat eye?

I feel like every single girl does the liquid liner cat eye and its getting really over played and boring. I want to do something different but I honestly can't think of anything other than a smokey eye and the "natural" mascara look. what other eye makeup options are there?


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  • Blue mascara, sounds weird but it actually looks cool (but only a darker blue) especially with brown eyes.

    Or a girl i know always puts eyeliner only on the two corners of the eyes.

    • I actually really like that idea thanks!!

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  • i personally dont like liquid liners n cat eye, my eyes aren't very big so i use this maybelline collosal kajal as a liner n i put it thin near the inner corners of my eye n make it thick/wider as i approach the outer corners of my eyes. eyeliners should be applied after ur done with eyeshadow. for the eyeshadow, use natural peach or something near to ur skin tone to cover ur lids, then a darker shade of brown to make an outline of ur lid and use light yellow/offwhite/silver shimmer/highlighter below ur brow bones to make them brighter. and then apply liner. if u want a more finished/polished look then u can apply highlighter all over ur eyeshadow but it shouldn't be too much to hide the shadow that u've applied. after that apply a little bit mascara, be careful with mascara specially on the lower lid lashes coz if its overdone it looks like fake lashes. good luck, hope that helps :) u can ask more questions if u want to, i'd love to help :)


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