Would it be disrespectful to wear a hijab if you're not Muslim?

I was thinking about trying it out for a day. Many of them look very stylish and beautiful. I'm also a bit curious about if people treat you differently when you wear them, and just what the experience is like wearing one.

I'm not Muslim though, or religious at all, and I wouldn't want to come off as being offensive or disrespectful. Is it alright to wear even if you're not?

Let me know what you think, especially if you're Muslim!


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  • I'm a Muslim n I don't think it'll be disrespectful if u wear a hijab. If u wanna wear it, go for it girl :-)


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  • I'm a Hindu and I'd like to tell you basically why call it a Hijab? why not you wear a beutiful scarf or any other acessory to cover your head or wear it around your neck. Dont think of it as a Hijab.


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