Thinking about getting my hair cut but I'm not sure what style to get, any ideas?

Hey, I've had long hair for quite a long time and feel like I need a change, I've decided to get my hair cut but since I haven't had long hair in such a long time I feel like I'm pretty clueless on what to get. I thought that maybe getting lots of people to give ideas would help me decide. I don't know how important this but my style is on the formal side, dress shirts, blazers etc so maybe that might influence what you say.

Pics of me now:

I was looking at maybe getting this kind of haircut but I'm not sure if it suits my facial structure or whatever:

Thanks in advance, Conor/Cipyy


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  • Get a military hair cut, high and tight. That hair style drives me crazy, it looks so sexy!

  • i like the picture you posted, it has a longer top and shorter sides (which seems to be what a lot of guys are doing currently).

  • With the little moustache (no offense) in the second picture the haircut you chose will look good.

    So I think it will enhance your features.

  • No pineapple hair. I hate guys with haircut like that on the 2nd picture


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