What's a good style for guys?

ok well I don't like to wear logos, and I kinda have long hair that almost overs my eyes is that something girls like? what could I do better to look hotter, I've got a pretty average body


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  • it depends on the cut of the hair

    generally I'm ok with a guy with a t shirt and a pair of jeans

    i'm not that picky at all but I guess asl ong as things match then it's all good


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  • long hair is cute, as long as you look after it :)

    Hmm, try skinnyish jeans as they always look awesome and maybe some converse/vans/ something like that.

    you can get some of your favourite band tee's or go for polo shirts, either will look cool.

    personally though, I LOVE ahir over eye. its amazinggg.

    I guess the hottest thing is self confidence though, as long as you don't get cocky :D

  • longer hair is cute, as long as its clean and not too long.

    jeans and plain polos are a nice look for some1 thts not tryin to b labled or into logos.

    • Idk but don't wana look like a tool lol!

      like kinda sceen

  • as long as you look fresh and tidy :)


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  • i have shoulder length hair, well groomed (brush it all the time) have my hair covered over one eye, kind of like emo.

    girls round here LOVE my hair.

    it all depends on what kinds of girls you like. if you like preppy girls, usually short spiked hair and if you like girls with piercings and black hair, grow it out and wear death metal t shirts. (like me)

    funny thing is, I wear death metal shirts and tight jeans but get preps


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