Am I a girly or a tomboy?

I don't like wearing make up, painting my nails, wearing jewelry, wearing skirts, wearing dresses, and etc.

I own some blouses but not a lot of girly things. I like wearing skinny jeans, high tops, sneakers, t shirts, sweaters, baseball Tee's, plaid flannels, and sweat pants.

I like studying the human behavior, computer science, listening to dubsteps, watching the walking dead, the Sims and school.
I also like going outside. The woods were my best friend growing up.


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  • Tomboy. A lot of guys, especially shy guys, dig that, bc it's less intimidating.

    The stronger you like a guy and physical with him (when you have one) the girlier you'll become. It always happens, even to goth girls

    • What do you mean less intimidating? All of course I will be the holy one in the relationship since most men are virile lol.

    • Tomboy = more like us, less like a typical woman. So herego more comfortable

      By girlier, I mean colorful make up and attire and more emotional

    • Lol. Okay xD

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  • Your a Girly Girl that knows how she like to dress and feels comfterbull in her own style of cloths.

    And thats Awesome!!!

  • You're a normal, not so girly girl. And many guys like that!

  • Definitely more tomboy

  • You are a tomboy, no question about it.


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