Cutest piercing for a girl?

This question mostly applies to guys but girls can answer too. I'm thinking about getting either a nose piercing or the top/ upper middle of my ear pierced. I'm 13 and in 8th grade and I already have my ears pierced on the bottom of each ear. I don't want to come off too trashy or sexy for my age so I'm wondering which would be better for somebody my age. But still cute and attractive at the same time. Thanks!!
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  • Ears only please. Piercings look weird and bad on noses, lips, and everywhere else except the ears.


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  • If you want something that's attractive you might as well be able to see it so I would suggest getting your nose pierced. by the way I'm 15 & I have my cartilage pierced 3 times on each ear, both ears are stretched, & both my eyebrow & nose are pierced. Between my cartilage & my nose piercing I get more compliments on my nose.

    • Thanks but do you think a nose piercing is appropriate for my age? I'm not sure... I reallyyy want one I just don't know of my parents would want me to have one

    • I know girls your age with their nose pierced. But if you really want it your best bet it so just ask your parents & see if they'll let you first.

    • Ok thanks so much :)

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