I'm just curious: What makes a guy call a girl beautiful?

I had a conversation with a guy through text and he said this:

Me: I think I'm going take my beauty rest now

Him: lol you're beautiful you don't need any beauty rest

So what makes a girl seem beautiful to a guy and is this better than calling a girl cute or sexy?


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  • A guy never tells a girl she's beautiful unless he thinks she is. So. he was being honest when he told you that, but I should try and answer your question though.

    Sometimes a guy just feels like telling a girl that. Other times he just wants to feel like he is with a pretty girl to feel proud and that he's worthy enough for beautiful women, like reminding himself that he's actually with a beautiful person, just saying it subcondciously I guess.

    It's easy to tell WHY he said it if you pay attention to HOW he said it, which is why I recommend girls to NOT text so much. I'm not saying you do, because I obviously don't know you, but girls are always complaining about some guy's text. It's too hard to decipher from just reading words, you have to be their seeing and listening so you really know how he feels or what his motives are.

    For the most part, it's, to me, a sexual thing and he just wants to be physical with you. Just my opnion though, but hey, it's just a compliment sometimes. just as a girl would tell a guy he has a nice body.

    • So you say "for the most part it's a sexual thing" does that mean the only reason he is saying that is because he wants sex and is trying to get us into bed?

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  • I feel that being called beautiful is more of a compliment than hot or cute. But everyone has certain words they just use more frequently so some of it depends on the person. Overall I feel like guys reserve "beautiful" for girls they genuinely care about and see as having more qualities than just looks.

    • That's a nice way to think about that word, I do hope it is true...Hopefully more guys will comment on this post...

  • Yesss, it is wayyy better. Beauty comes from everywhere, not just your looks but your personality, voice, attitude. That 's why he said you were beautiful. You have the whole package :)